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  • No Way Out
    No Way Out
    Jack, a young man suffering from sleep deprivation is studying for an exam. After receiving some bad news and falling asleep, Jack finds himself greeted by disturbing figures in a reality separate from his own.
  • Esme, My Love
    Esme, My Love
    When Hannah notices the symptoms of a terminal and painful illness in her aloof daughter, Esme, she decides to take her on a trip to their abandoned family farm in a desperate attempt to connect before they have to say goodbye. Inspired by true event...
  • Walking Around
    Walking Around
    In NE Florida’s rural countryside, a young man circles, endlessly, around a ramshackle trailer. Walking mechanically, always following the same path, he mumbles to himself, bound in an inner prison. Intrigued by his behavior, a mysterious interlope...
  • Potluck
    Potluck is an endearing film about a woman trying to find her place in the world and the essential human need for connection. Carolyn thought she was awesome; I mean what’s not to love?! Her 11th birthday party was going to be amazing! Inspired...
  • YuanYuan
    "A young girl named Yuanyuan once lived in a happy family with loving parents. But when her mother found out that she is pregnant, her unborn brother brought upon a tense atmosphere into the family. At the same time, Yuanyuan found out about her fath...
  • The Critic
    The Critic
    'The Critic' is a romantic thriller that tells the story of Meghan Dupane (Julia Collier), a reserved and cosmopolitan hotel critic who travels the globe reviewing luxury hotels incognito. That is until her next assignment changes everything. After c...
  • More
    A True happiness is not a destination but it's a journey.
  • Perfect
    Two strangers meet on an Manhattan bench with one set on ending her life, but before she goes through with it she approaches a stranger to indulge her in a conversation. As she seeks for a “Perfect” moment.
  • The Van
    The Van
    A group of down on their luck individuals come together to pull off a bank robbery that they think will solve their life's biggest problems. But with little organization between the group it seems unlikely they will succeed as they fight to see who i...
  • Fractal - Short Film
    Fractal - Short Film
    Grace experiences a miscarriage after an accidental pregnancy from a first date. Fractal follows the story of her struggle across three different realities; memory, present-day, and a dream of what could have been. How do you mourn the loss of someth...
  • Tommy and the Guru
    Tommy and the Guru
    A middle aged man seeks out a new-age master to help him overcome a life filled with loss, and stop falling on his face. An unlikely relationship forms. A story of positive male emotional connection evolves out of shared vulnerability.
  • Tasteless
    Louisa, head chef of a critically acclaimed restaurant, recovers from COVID-19 without her sense of taste or smell. On the brink of financial disaster, she must appease her investors with a number of new dishes. She and her sous chef, Daniel, spend d...
  • Rusty The Robot in Desert Waltz
    Rusty The Robot in Desert Waltz
    Set in the old west, 'Desert Waltz' finds Rusty wishing to impress SAL and win her over. Rusty overcomes his awkwardness and waltzes into her heart.
  • A Bellevue Love Story
    A Bellevue Love Story
    In the clutches of a manic episode, a BOY is committed to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital where he meets a depressed GIRL who is days-removed from her last suicide attempt. Their connection is instant, profound and possibly volatile enough to destroy t...
  • Honey and Clover: A Recipe for Disaster
    Honey and Clover: A Recipe for Disaster
    Past and future collide when two former child stars are thrust back in to the spotlight together, threatening to reveal their darkest secrets.
  • Love and Love Not
    Love and Love Not
    There are two places Nicky Leandro calls home each reinforcing a particular facet of his personality: the red-blooded New Yorker and the L.A. transplant. Up until now, he has done a fine job of compartmentalizing himself. That is until Lily, an old f...
  • The Chimera Effect
    The Chimera Effect
    As if studying for the bar exam was not hard enough, Samantha Antrum is also dealing with the recent death of her father. Prior to his passing, he wished to continue to “protect her from what’s to come” but will not be able to. Samantha's life ...
  • American Social
    American Social
    Skylar and her boyfriend Jake's relationship is tested in unexpected ways when they take a break from the city and go upstate for a hike.
  • Eight Lights of Love
    Eight Lights of Love
    Posted by : Zsiporah Moon
    Debby Rozen, an aspiring screenwriter works in New York City as a secretary for a Soap Opera on the verge of being cancelled. Will the handsome visiting L.A. Studio Executive, Daniel Roth, listen to her 'pitch' in time to save the show? Watch Romance...
  • Minor Accident of War
    Minor Accident of War
    Posted by : Diane Weis
    During WWII, a B-17 is hit with flak over Nazi Germany and the 10 crew members struggle to survive. Written and narrated by the navigator, Lt. Edward Field, now 97 years of age, who lives in New York City.