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  • La Consultation ( The Consultation )
    La Consultation ( The Consultation )
    Posted by : Morgan Cini
    This story deals with Aniès, an arrogant woman, who thinks that she perfectly handles her future, until she meets someone who will predict the exact opposite of her beliefs ...
  • How Am I Doing?
    How Am I Doing?
    Posted by : Jennifer Plotzke
    A serio-comic deep dive into the world of recovering alcoholic Eli Meyer, a charming, not quite handsome fading actor, walking us through the small victories, humor and bittersweet joys of middle age. A real-life perspective of family, addiction and ...
  • Todo va mejorando (Things are looking up)
    Todo va mejorando (Things are looking up)
    Posted by : Alessandro Squitti
    Immersed in her phone, a girl uses a Taxi-GO! App. The driver is a little unusual. He likes flowers.
  • Daffodil (Short Film)
    Daffodil (Short Film)
    Posted by : Nicola
    A trip through the psyche of an apathetic workaholic in the sudden wake of her estranged mother's death.
    Posted by : Matthew
    Two children are trapped inside during a lethal heatwave when a criminal arrives, begging for shelter.
  • Bullied
    Posted by : Thomas Keith
    Bullied is a documentary feature that examines the causes, consequences, and solutions to bullying in schools and wider culture.
    Posted by : Jim Harkins
    Paul Barton has a perfect life, a hot thirty-five-year-old girlfriend. But everything is about to change when he finds out he'll be a first-time father at the age of fifty.
  • That Was Delicious
    That Was Delicious
    Posted by : Nela Wagman
    A woman whose outer life seems perfect finds herself at a bitter moment of truth.
  • Pot Luck
    Pot Luck
    Posted by : Jane Wells
    Five years after the people of Colorado voted to legalize recreational cannabis, Pot Luck presents a colorful cast of locals including businessmen, budtenders, barbers, cops, and farmers, who all share a stake in the brand new world of legalized pot....
  • Thirst
    Posted by : Wylie Rush
    It's after midnight, and two women are about to give an unsuspecting man a night he'll never forget...
  • Path of the Daff
    Path of the Daff
    Posted by : Michael Piscitelli
    A city faced with unimaginable tragedy rallies around a most unlikely hero. In the wake of the 2013 bombings, Boston blooms again on Patriot's Day with its newest tradition - the Boston Marathon Daffodils. One man follows one daffodil bulb's adven...
  • Forced Change
    Forced Change
    Posted by : Rennik Soholt
    FORCED CHANGE is a feature documentary that uses the path of destruction left behind by Hurricane Katrina as a vehicle to bring to life unique human stories that shed light on what it means to be home. Filmed at critical moments over the last fourtee...
  • Bad Wolff: Pilot
    Bad Wolff: Pilot
    Posted by : Heidi E Segal
    Logline: This dramatic series centers on a couple and their closest friends, whose intimate secrets and scars are revealed as their seemingly perfect relationships evolve and eventually unravel – violently for one of them. Premise: When Phoenix ...
  • Middle of Nowhere
    Middle of Nowhere
    Posted by : Joel Clark
    Hosted by true life adventurer Aron Ralston (127 hours), Middle of Nowhere is an hour-long, adventure talk show series that brings today’s greatest explorers together to share stories of their most courageous and harrowing encounters over an off-th...
  • Safer in Silence
    Safer in Silence
    Posted by : Corinne Niox Chateau
    At sixteen, Corinne receives a phone call from a mysterious woman in a heavy foreign accent, claiming to be her grandmother. The woman tells Corinne she has found her through a private detective, has just arrived from Brazil, and can they meet. Thus ...
  • The Della Morte Sisters
    The Della Morte Sisters
    Posted by : Judith Anna Di Donato
    A recent death in the family brings three sisters together where they discover a shared dark past that changes everything they thought they knew about each other and their family.
  • Forged in Flint
    Forged in Flint
    Posted by : Nicholas Dimichino
    Small business owners and entrepreneurs in Flint have decided to start building the future they want to see. And it’s working.
  • A Brooklyn Christmas
    A Brooklyn Christmas
    Posted by : Drew Henriksen
    After an early demise, Brooklyn wiseguy Tony C. is sent back to Earth to look over a young fireman for the Christmas season. With another aspiring angel, Horatio, they try to help Jerry and the neighborhood in a Martin and Lewis-style story. With o...
  • The Pool Party
    The Pool Party
    Posted by : Down By Pictures
    A recently divorced woman hosts a brunch to introduce her mean spirited brothers to her new boyfriend.
  • Drowning
    Posted by : Annegato Films
    Family problems resurface from the depths when a father’s death (by drowning) forces his children to pause their petty quarrels and attend his Italian funeral.