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  • Love Tooth
    Love Tooth
    Aaron, a successful screenwriter lost his first love seven years ago without knowing the reason. He deludes himself that another love tooth (wisdom tooth) grows again and it might bring his love back to him. Aaron meets a charming girl, Emma and she...
  • LIGO
    “LIGO” is the thrilling inside story of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC's top discovery of the decade, the discovery of gravitational waves from deep space, 2015-1017 — the historic first detections of the cataclysmic collisions of two black holes in 2015 ...
  • Roses are Blind
    Roses are Blind
    When 19-year old, Julie Janson, a Columbia University student returns to her dorm room, her college roommate recommends Julie meet with a famous psychic for career guidance. During Julie's meeting, the Janson family secret is revealed.
  • Middle of Nowhere
    Middle of Nowhere
    Hosted by Aron Ralston, the true-life adventurer behind the film ‘127 hours,’ Middle of Nowhere is a series which brings together the world’s greatest adventures and thrill-seekers, delving into their craziest, deadliest, and most harrowing sto...
  • The Executioners We All Had A Chance
    The Executioners We All Had A Chance
    The Executioner We All Had A Chance, is a documentary about two men who started a boxing gym to save the young boys from the mean, gang invested streets of Philadelphia in the early 70's. In doing this they would develop some of the greatest amate...
  • Let The People Decide
    Let The People Decide
    The struggle over voting rights is headline news. This fight goes back generations as strategies to suppress the vote have evolved over the decades. Are race and politics inseparable?
    How Am I Doing? is a serio-comic deep dive into the world of recovering alcoholic Eli Meyer, a charming, not quite handsome, forty something fading actor everyone seems to recognize from a cancelled series called “Ladder 6.” Working to prove his ...
    A kid with one loose tooth and two crazy parents. Growing up is a push-pull.
  • My Year of Living Mindfully
    My Year of Living Mindfully
    In the midst of a growing mental illness epidemic, award-winning health journalist Shannon Harvey enlists a team of scientists to put meditation to the test. As she travels 30,000 kilometres around the world, from the bright lights of Manhattan to th...
  • Daffodil
    A trip through the psyche of an apathetic workaholic in the sudden wake of her estranged mother's death.
  • Knock Me Down
    Knock Me Down
    Josh has to decide between training a promising young boxer or following his ineffective acting career. A few encounters, with a newly successful ex-boyfriend and a supportive sister, lead him toward the life-altering decision.
    THE HUSTLE IS REAL is a story about creating your own lane to make money doing what you love and the hustle and grind that goes along with it.
  • Cashed Out
    Cashed Out
    A slew of questionable characters meet for an underground poker match where the stakes couldn't be higher.
  • Holy Jail
    Holy Jail
    A struggling widower decides to pay a speeding fine by spending five days in jail, and starts to find new meaning in life behind bars.
    Light Within the Cracks, a film set in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya, the largest urban slum in Africa is a gripping portrait of resilience, hope and empowerment. Filmed in cinema-verité style, the documentary follows the daily lives of young pe...
  • This Happened to You…?
    This Happened to You…?
    This is a story of obsessions when people of the elderly age fixate with illnesses’. Our characters Fausto is worried about getting Alzheimer like some his friends in USA. He and Ofelia have returned to Peru after living in U.S.A for 30 years. Fa...
  • Walled Citizen
    Walled Citizen
    Carrying one of the world’s weakest ranking passports, a Palestinian filmmaker / part-time backpacker, decides to grab his camera and go on a 3 year journey to explore what lies behind the walls of our world.
  • La Consultation
    La Consultation
    This story deals with Aniès, an arrogant woman, who thinks that she perfectly handles her future, until she meets someone who will predict the exact opposite of her beliefs ...
    Sometimes the living must help the dead. In funeral homes throughout the United States and the UK, there are untold numbers of unidentified and unclaimed remains, 20% of these are Military Veterans. They rest above copiers, on shelves, in lockers, a...
  • Sweetheart
    Simona gets out of a DUI by accepting a ride home from a cop, who turns out to be a security guard on a power trip. The more she learns about him, the more she questions his true intentions.