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  • Surrender Me
    Surrender Me
    Posted by : Chris Del Sordo
    As a distraught man struggles to overcome a personal tragedy, an unexpected twist of fate changes everything.
  • Shooting Heroin
    Shooting Heroin
    Posted by : Spencer Folmar
    A small town community comes together to eradicate the heroin epidemic from its midst by whatever means necessary.
  • Is You Is?
    Is You Is?
    Posted by : Michael Mason
    This third installment in the Candice & Peter series finds them at a birthday brunch at Chef Steve's restaurant. While Peter and her family wait upstairs to cut her cake, Candice realizes she is late, in more ways than one!
  • Crappy Mother’s Day
    Crappy Mother’s Day
    Posted by : Dan Karlok
    Three generations of women get together on Mother’s Day. Wackiness ensues.
  • Bullets to Books
    Bullets to Books
    Posted by : Andy Truschinski
    Follow one man's journey to heal his native country of South Sudan through education.
  • Wisper
    Posted by : Russ
    ‘Wisper’ is the true story of the murder of a middle-class African American family in Northern New Jersey. In the summer of 2016, three children and their mother were found shot to death in their large suburban home. Loosely based on the personal...
  • Persimmon Night 柿柿如意
    Persimmon Night 柿柿如意
    Posted by : Scarlett Li
    A mail-order bride on the way to meet her new husband for the first time, searches for a public restroom in Chinatown to no avail. Desperate to go, she asks a stranger for help.
  • High Score - Short Film
    High Score - Short Film
    Posted by : Melissa Balint
    A relationship goes horribly awry when a drug soaked over-the-top marriage proposal leads to an outrageously awkward post-engagement-sex disaster.
  • Old Blue Eyes
    Old Blue Eyes
    OLD BLUE EYES is based on a true story of a New York City-based Frank Sinatra impersonator (known as ‘MICKEY’ in the film) who developed early on-set Alzheimer’s as he got older. Paired with a drinking habit, Mickey's mental health rapidly dete...
  • Rounded Corners
    Rounded Corners
    A book smart 13-year old girl, raised alone by her Wall Street father, learns about life from her new carefree babysitter over summer vacation.
  • Wild Butterfly
    Wild Butterfly
    24-year-old Claire Murray’s desperate search for a lifesaving second liver transplant becomes a trial by national media. Depicted as an ungrateful ‘junkie’ who recklessly destroyed her first transplant by relapsing into drug use, Claire is cond...
  • The System
    The System
    A group of minority teens struggle to stay out of harm’s way in a town hell bent on making them the villains in the war on drugs.
  • Bombs Bursting In Air
    Bombs Bursting In Air
    Amidst the Coney Island backdrop of fireworks on July 4th, 1949, Della, a battered, young black woman leaves her husband in pursuit of a brighter future. Her courageous journey leads her to find an unlikely ally named Mishka, on the white side of tow...
  • Retract
    Retract is a cautionary tale about a recently broken-up-with young woman, Cleo, in NYC as she gets consistently cat called. As the invasive interactions begin to pile on top of each other, we see Cleo start to unravel. Feeling insecure and vulnerable...
  • Before We Leave Venezuela
    Before We Leave Venezuela
    Venezuelan refugee, David Mendez, returns home to climb his nation's highest peak before Venezuela collapses completely. When he was forced to leave, he had many mountains left to climb. His return is a chance to summit Pico Bolivar and tell his fami...
    A lonely widow yearning for connection, meets a collector of art at a speed dating event. They make a palpable connection, but what they are looking for in each other is vastly different.
  • High Score
    High Score
    JASON is ready. The cardboard arcade is perfect, their friends are all in their places, and his girlfriend MARA doesn't suspect a thing. When he pulls up the garage door and reveals his grand design, she seems genuinely touched. I mean, from Mara's p...
    Brian‘s a deranged kid with sociopathic tendencies. After a series of abnormalities he is passed from one therapist to the next. But all therapies fail. Brian develops into a young man with great potential for violence. When his life finally fall...
    The kidnapping of a young girl in an isolated mountain town forces two female police officers -- one local, one state -- into a disturbing and polarizing investigation of the community. Kismet juxtaposes two narratives after the disappearance of 11 y...
  • Sundays at the Triple Nickel
    Sundays at the Triple Nickel
    On Edgecombe Avenue in Sugar Hill, Harlem, Marjorie Eliot is making sure her apartment building’s iconic jazz legacy lives on. Marjorie and her son have been hosting jazz concerts in her apartment every Sunday for the past 26 years, a pursuit of ov...