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  • Balloon Animal
    Balloon Animal
    A young circus performer, Poppy Valentine, is stuck under the harsh demands of her father and their community's expectations. But while on a quick night out to let loose and have some fun with her friends, she finds herself captivated by small-town A...
  • Mermaids
    Two twenty-something former best friends Margo and Celeste meet again at a bachelorette party in their hometown in Cornwall, UK, but under the waves of disappointment and failure, will the reunion cause them to sink or swim?
  • The 90s Club
    The 90s Club
    A charming documentary that showcases the vibrant wisdom and life lessons of a dozen diverse individuals between the ages of 90- and 99-years old. Through the touching and open stories shared by the “cast” of “The 90s Club” (including belove...
  • Summer Reverie
    Summer Reverie
    “Summer Reverie” is about Simon's frustrating experience trying to reestablish a relationship with his first love. When he is forced to confront a harsh reality far short of his idealistic expectations, Simon's reason starts to fall apart.
    AMERICA BOXED IN explores the impact of the intermodal container industry on the political, economic, and strategic landscape of the 21st Century. From the dispersion of global power to the incredible divisions in political systems to the meteoric ri...
  • The Vow
    The Vow
    The Vow is the story of a young woman trapped in a cross-cultural contract marriage, who devises the ultimate means of escape.
  • Three Wrongs
    Three Wrongs
    After running into an ex contract killer Kurt decides to chase the memory of his old life Kurt is a contract killer that is stuck in a rut and it's made him apathetic. After finishing a job he runs into Emily, an ex-girlfriend, and starts to think ...
  • Wonderlanding
    Jiaxin, a young Chinese girl who wanders angrily after being disciplined by her mother accidentally encounters and helps a female tourist Meng. Jiaxin refuses Meng’s adventure invitation and voyages to a wonderland with her mother.
  • Take the Night
    Take the Night
    When a resentful brother organizes a prank kidnapping, he unwittingly hires career criminals who have plans of their own.
  • Breakfast at the Bodega
    Breakfast at the Bodega
    A talented young Brooklynite/Palestinian-American attempts to live out his dreams of becoming a French pastry chef despite his first-generation father's wishes. Struggling to fill his first big order for a gig, tensions arise when his father forbids ...
  • 'Til Morning
    'Til Morning
    'Til Morning is a coming of age short film about Julia, a Brazilian student in her last semester of college in New York City. After losing her family ties due to political disagreements she has to financially provide for herself.
  • Shades of Majenta
    Shades of Majenta
    From grade school humiliation to skatepark embarrassment, a fledgling Jaz The Rapper perseveres through a collage of setbacks, and brings everyone along for the ride. Part film, part music video, Shades of Majenta features Jaz The Rapper’s latest s...
  • Nkemefuna - What’s mine cannot be lost
    Nkemefuna - What’s mine cannot be lost
    Nkemefuna follows Nkem and Ike, a pair of Nigerian-American siblings still dealing with the death of their father, who perished in the Twin Towers. Nkem left home after his death; upon her return years later, her presence precipitates unresolved issu...
  • PIT
    A man, deep down in the pit, is confessing his crime. To find his missing daughter, the father took the prime suspect and put him under the pit. The man looks exhausted, must have been locked up more than a few days without a drop of water. He cla...
    In an abandoned rat-infested warehouse down by the tracks, Georgia Jones awakes, only to find her hands bound tightly above her head. A hooded figure slips from the shadows, approaching his captive victim. Flashing a switchblade he prepares to strike...
  • 12 Litres 8800 Steps
    12 Litres 8800 Steps
    An intimate portrait of one woman’s odyssey in coming to terms with the fragility of her own mental health as she witnesses the demise of her partner through addiction. A horse appears as magic realism collides with the stark reality of living with...
  • Night at the Neptune
    Night at the Neptune
    A stick-up at a neighborhood bookies sets off a violent chain of events that pits two lifelong friends against each other in an unspoken battle of wits to determine who committed the crime, who will pay the price, and who gets to survive a Night at t...
  • Generation Wrecks
    Generation Wrecks
    Set in 1994, Generation Wrecks follows 11th graders Stacy and Liz, who were best friends until the 7th grade when Stacy outed Liz. Stacy joined the popular crowd, and Liz fell in with the freaks and became a goth. After years of antagonizing each oth...
  • Uncommon Negotiator
    Uncommon Negotiator
    Uncommon Negotiator: A young pastor's world is turned upside-down when he's suddenly thrust into a dangerous hostage situation. The only way he'll be able to get anyone out alive is by bravely reaching out to appeal to the soul of a violent gunman.
  • Pandemic Spy
    Pandemic Spy
    Did we ever stop to think how the lockdown would hinder the work of spies in the middle of a pandemic? With government restrictions keeping people off park benches, Fisher (may not be his real name) tries to adapt to the new reality, finding the thin...