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  • 1st and 10 to Life
    1st and 10 to Life
    Posted by : Derrick Painter
    A troubled young man makes a costly mistake which sentences him to prison. He uses faith and a hidden talent for football to bring him salvation.
  • Google Man
    Google Man
    Posted by : Derrick Painter
    A nondescript man gets a rare opportunity when he is nominated to have groundbreaking neurosurgery to have the power of Google implanted into his brain.
  • The Moonlight in July
    The Moonlight in July
    Posted by : Sean Hinds
    When aspiring novelist Myles goes to a dinner party and runs into July, a beautiful blind woman who’s an old flame from his past, he’s tempted to spontaneously declare his love for her and rekindle their passionate relationship. But now that Myle...
  • The hole
    The hole
    Posted by : Fang,Hsin-Kai
    A soldier hides in a cave to avoid the big snake in the woods. He finds a brief rest in the cave, even makes a little bat friend. But after eating all of the foods, he hears the snake hissing again.
    Posted by : IVAN MORA MANZANO
    After a break-up, Julia moves into a cold apartment surrounded by unpacked boxes and deals with small everyday conflicts of her solitude: Spending the day in pajamas, working on mediocre jobs, eating excessively, while attempting to fulfill her dream...
  • Senior Skip Day
    Senior Skip Day
    Posted by : David LeBlanc
    In the final weeks of high school in 1976, seven seniors take part in the time-honored tradition of Senior Skip Day, but it becomes a day around which all of their lives will change forever.
  • Brando's Spoon
    Brando's Spoon
    Posted by : MAC BRYDON
    Two brothers at odds bicycle across New York City in hopes of locating a beloved family heirloom.
  • Broken Souls
    Broken Souls
    Julián decides to embark on a journey with no destination, leaving everything behind. Ten years later, he returns in search of his past and finds María, the woman who was once his wife, in the company of Santiago, a writer who has given her solace....
  • The Hideaway
    The Hideaway
    No longer girlie enough for her girlfriends and starting to become too girlie for her guy friends, and eager to grow up, Nika, a 14-year old tomboy, is just trying to figure out her place in the adolescent world. When she hears rumor that her mother ...
  • Act Social
    Act Social
    Posted by : Sean A. Mulvihill
    From politics to medicine, Act Social explores the healing potential of applied improvisation. Features famed improv comedian Colin Mochrie of Whose Line is it, Anyway? The principles of improv lead to hilarious comedy onstage but can they also be...
  • Second Chance
    Second Chance
    Posted by : Matthew White
    A brave mother with a rare disease writes inspirational songs for her teenage daughter to sing, before receiving a transplant where the odds are 50/50. Tara Notrica has struggled with Mast Cell Disease for 12 years. A rare disorder that affects le...
  • The Business of Misery
    The Business of Misery
    Posted by : Gabriel Guzman
    A woman who feels disenfranchised in her abusive relationship with her boyfriend; has an affair with his friend where she manipulates him in becoming part of a twisted plan.
  • The States of Emergency:  New York & New Jersey
    The States of Emergency: New York & New Jersey
    Posted by : Laura Barbato
    In addition to fear, panic, and uncertainty, 2020 was the year when many small business owners had their American dreams pushed to the brink—can they make it one more day? (A documentary on the hardships faced during the COVID-19 Pandemic)
  • Seraphim’s Miracle
    Seraphim’s Miracle
    Posted by : Jeremy
    A cynical journalist--who specializes in debunking mysterious phenomenon--investigates an 'alleged' small-town 'miracle', that might just be true.
  • Becoming Bethany Rhodes
    Becoming Bethany Rhodes
    Posted by : James Ersted
    A woman struggles to break free from her overbearing mother for a chance to explore the life she always wanted.
  • The Making of BuildingBridges
    The Making of BuildingBridges
    Posted by : Johannes Olszewski
    The Making of #buildingbridges is a documentary detailing the production of the film #buildingbridges from its conception in Germany to the final shoot in America. We follow members of the creative agency One Inch Dreams through the process of de...
  • BuildingBridges - Narrative Short
    BuildingBridges - Narrative Short
    Posted by : Johannes Olszewski
    High above the sacred Navajo land of Monument Valley, two hot air balloons float, circling each other as if in a dance. One carries the German flag, the other that of the United States. A closer look reveals that the balloons are not only tethered to...
  • All Hail Beth
    All Hail Beth
    Posted by : Misha Calvert
    A hapless millennial Iranian-American woman wakes up one day as an ancient Babylonian Goddess.
  • Mical
    Posted by : Darius Shu
    Based on an inspiring true story, a seven-year-old boy struggles to make sense of words on the page. But when Mike is diagnosed with dyslexia and the teachers continue to fail him, his mother takes matters into her own hands to help her son fulfil hi...
  • Tin Soldiers
    Tin Soldiers
    Posted by : Odette Schwegler
    Robbed of movement as children, but not their courage, their love, their hope … Tin Soldiers is an inspirational story of perseverance and triumph. More than a film, Tin Soldiers ignites a Brave Search for those Not Yet Diagnosed in some of the ...