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    After a catastrophic accident leaves one of them paralyzed; misanthropic, aging New York City transplants are forced to outgrow their cynicism while the other forges a friendship with a Brooklyn native who is just discovering it.
  • Dragonfly
    Faced with rejection after rejection, an aspiring actress makes a living performing for the anonymous eyes of webcam watchers.
    As work continues on the border wall, a Chinese sex worker in New York gets surprising news from her visiting lover.
  • For Fear of Kofi
    For Fear of Kofi
    For Fear of Kofi investigates the circumstances of a police shooting that took place on March 2, 2010, at the University of Florida. University Police responded to a 911 call from graduate housing; a student stating concern about her neighbor, Kofi,...
    Vermilion is a stunningly beautiful meditation on life, death and the strength of family and friends in a summer of crisis.
  • Transparency
    One day Flor wakes up and finds her long lost Father in her kitchen and realizes her own destiny.
  • Last Party
    Last Party
    On the last night before winter break, Jun (Lainey Woo) throws a Christmas party at the apartment of her boyfriend Ed (Martin Drop). The love lives of six lovelorn individuals intersect as they drift through an increasingly complicated night in New Y...
  • The Liquor Store Incident
    The Liquor Store Incident
    Frustrated by the stagnancy of his life a writer thinks a change of environment to the state prison system may be exactly what he needs. His one problem is doing what it takes to get there.
  • The United States of Detroit
    The United States of Detroit
    Posted by : Ben Sinclair
    This is what a comeback looks like. “The United States of Detroit” is a stylish and moving documentary about the resilience and spirit of Detroit’s neighborhoods, telling the story of the city’s past, its present resurgence, and future poten...
  • Laura Gets a Cat
    Laura Gets a Cat
    Posted by : Michael Ferrell
    Synopsis: Laura, an unemployed writer in New York City, tries to juggle an unexciting boyfriend, an affair with a performance artist, and a vivid imaginary life.
    Posted by : Kamyar Raad
    FLAT TIRE is a simple quiet story of three people trying to get by. One of them, the only man in the story, tries to be heroic to no avail. The story is told from a distance, no sentimentality, and no judgement, using the simplest metaphors possible....
  • Pride Fighter
    Pride Fighter
    Posted by : Danny Ryan
    When a young Mixed Martial Arts fighter comes out as gay, he is rejected by his fighting partners right before his first big fight.
  • TIME
    Posted by : Erik Martens
    Devastated by a breakup, a frustrated boxer needs to focus on training for his upcoming fight while his cheating ex-girlfriend desperately wants to mend their relationship.
  • 2nd Life
    2nd Life
    Posted by : Sarah Nannery
    Madou Dossama (43) an immigrant husband and father of two young children attends a job interview that could change his family’s life. During this job interview with hospital administrator, Garrett Morgan (54), we discover that there is more to Mado...
  • 90 DAYS
    90 DAYS
    Posted by : Sol Aponte
    A riveting story of love, integrity and compassion, 90 DAYS explores a beautiful couple's (Teyonah Parris & Nic Few) relationship and their life altering decisions after ninety days of dating.
  • Justicia Divina
    Justicia Divina
    Posted by : Alejo Irias
    Honduran short film
  • Bullock the Bruiser
    Bullock the Bruiser
    Posted by : Marcelo Mayen
    After hospitalizing the most hated man in New York City, Wilson Bullock was dubbed "The Bruiser"; however, if Wilson wants to win back his ex-girlfriend, he's gonna have to prove that he's done indulging his petty superhero identity.
  • Bright Lights
    Bright Lights
    Posted by : Jen Lee
    As live storytelling grows into a cultural phenomenon, six performers share their journey into its spotlight.
    Posted by : Thiago Dadalt
    A suburban housewife and mother suddenly finds herself homeless and lost in downtown Los Angeles. A beautiful story of family and hope. Our film is proudly also supported by Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles
  • My Name is Maria de Jesus
    My Name is Maria de Jesus
    Posted by : Marcella ochoa
    In 1950's Texas, Mexican American children were forced to abandon their Spanish language and culture. Thirty years later, one mother realizes the impact Americanization has on her child who is struggling to connect with her Latin heritage. Directed b...