Greetings From Sarajevo

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Greetings From Sarajevo
Greetings From Sarajevo
Hana, an assassin, arrives in New York ready to exact justice on a war criminal whom Sofia, a survivor of the Bosnian genocide, had discovered hiding in plain sight in the city. When Hana re
Production : complete
Posted By : Melissa Skirboll


  • Kathryn Kates
  • Dina Manganaris
  • Liam Mitchell


  • MelissaSkirboll
  • Penny Jacksom
  • Noah Friedman
  • Maria Palacio
  • Tom Chandler
  • Todd Lockwood
  • Louis Robert King
  • Zach Lapidus
  • Greg Kanyicska
  • Alison Vincitore


Box office : $210.00

No of Events : 1