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  • Manhattan Film Expo
    Manhattan Film Expo
    Posted by : Manhattan Film Expo
    Manhattan Film Festival has launched the inaugural Manhattan Film Expo. This conference will include film screenings, distribution outlets, management agencies, tech companies, college film programs, headline speakers, and much more!
  • Cause Celebre
    Cause Celebre
    Posted by : Patrick J. Donnelly
    There’s a window of opportunity during every actor’s career that may rely on a good or bad decision that can make them famous or ruin their reputation forever. In this episode, Hollywood “teen queen” Lindsay Lawson is seeking to break away from her old bubblegum image. A provocative shoot with Richard Hemmings — an edgy New York photographer — might do just the trick. But she and ...
  • It Started With The Heart
    It Started With The Heart
    Since the age of six, Christophe Lafontant has experienced two heart transplants, a kidney transplant, respiratory failure, drug addiction, and depression, but he always manages to come out on top, feeling positive about life while sharing his story with the world.
  • My Colorado Cowboy
    My Colorado Cowboy
    Posted by : Zsiporah Moon
    A lost Inheritance may save the family ranch, but to receive it, handsome ranch owner, Luke McGovern, will have to leave his family home. When the beautiful New York City para-legal, Katie, finds a loophole, will Luke’s childhood sweetheart, Katharine, show her true colors? Tagline: He can Ride, he can Rope, but can he save the family Ranch and get the Right girl!
  • Stream of Consciousness
    Stream of Consciousness
    Stream of Consciousness follows the first date of Cole and Megan. As the date progresses we watch Cole struggle with his self doubt, personified incessantly through his reflection talking to him. As the date moves forward, Cole’s insecurities put any potential relationship at risk, only to be saved by another surprising voice.
  • Free Bird
    Free Bird
    A man, gets out of jail, his first phone call is to his mother, who explains her life is and financial status is not in a great place. as he collects his thoughts, he over hears a nearby phone call, that could change everything, but it would take someone willing to risk his life to do it, and identity.
  • A Thousand Cars At Night Looks Like A Moving Train
    A Thousand Cars At Night Looks Like A Moving Train
    A homeless man, chronic daydreamer, aspiring fisherman, stumbles upon guidance from an eccentric self-help program. A mix of live-action and animation.
  • Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope
    Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope
    Featuring interviews with individuals currently experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless, homeless advocates, service providers, policy professionals, experts in addiction and mental illness, law enforcement, political leaders, and homelessness innovators, Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope is an exploration of what’s driving the homelessness crisis in California, with a focus on San Francisco...
  • The Invisible Class
    The Invisible Class
    The Invisible Class explores what it truly means to be homeless in America, challenging stereotypes and examining the systemic causes of mass homelessness in the wealthiest nation in the world. From coast to coast the film is a day in the life of homelessness across America. Previously American documentary films on homelessness tend to focus on small subsections of people. While this is definitely...
  • Left of the Dial
    Left of the Dial
    When a "War of the Worlds"-style on-air stunt goes wrong, a disgraced radio hotshot is forced to leave Los Angeles and move back home to try and resurrect her career at the station that developed her in the small town that resents her.
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