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  • Strong Hearts: An Indigenous Love Letter To My Sons
    Strong Hearts: An Indigenous Love Letter To My Sons
    ’Strong Hearts’ overflows with a father’s wisdom and indigenous world view, expressed as a love letter to his sons. Shot on location at sites of decisive Indigenous victories over the U.S. military, historical happenings become teaching moments and majestic landscapes provide an epic visual backdrop for delivering a message to give the boys the impetus to reclaim their Native American narrat...
  • Take Me With You
    Take Me With You
    Set in the waning days of an East Coast summer, Take Me With You follows a close-knit yet baggage-filled group of family and friends as they memorialize one of their own in an odd and unexpected way.
  • Mimetic
    A old man lives on the run with his dog. While in hiding, he steals an identity and changes his appearance to match it. His plans are interrupted when he is found by a feral child. Despite the child's mysterious appearance and behavior, the two form an unlikely bond.
  • Steve Conte - Flying
    Steve Conte - Flying
    "Flying" is a video for an original song by Steve Conte (New York Dolls, Cowboy Bebop soundtrack). In the video, Steve represents the age-old desire for freedom in a true artist's heart.
  • Heirloom
    Heirloom tells the story of a mother and daughter who set out to discover why Italian Americans love to garden. Along their journey, they meet notable members of the Italian American community (like Isabella Rossellini), and even travel to Italy itself. Heirloom is a recipient of the Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum grant. Spearheaded by Hollywood directors Anthony and Joe Russo, the ...
  • Rising Lotus
    Rising Lotus
    A Punjabi immigrant woman stuck in an abusive arranged marriage finally musters the strength to escape when she realizes that her estranged son’s life is in danger. Mother and son quickly learn, however, that life is not necessarily easier on the streets. But through perseverance and ingenuity--and a little bit of luck--they eventually arrange for the promise of a better future.
  • Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid
    Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid
    In 1977 soul-blues singer Frank Bey quit singing after a deal went terribly wrong with James Brown. Forty years later Frank was invited to record a CD in Nashville with Buddy Guy's record producer, fulfilling the dream of his lifetime. Posthumously, in 2021, Frank's final CD, All My Dues Are Paid, was nominated for a Grammy. Our feature documentary follows Frank's journey from performing in Philad...
  • Out of Tune
    Out of Tune
    A heartfelt comedy centering Maya, a proud Black woman stigmatized since childhood by her love for the white boy rock band, Journey. From adolescent to adulthood, Maya searches for her voice in a world where she doesn't always feel "Black enough".
  • End Game
    End Game
    A young man learns the truth about his parents' death and begins a convoluted journey to a dark world, manipulated by an entity that appears to have no existence.
  • Broome Street
    Broome Street
    "Broome Street” is a gritty crime story set on the mean streets of New York. It’s 1982 and crack reigns supreme in Reagan's "War on Drugs." The battle begins when NYPD’s first female internal affairs agent fights for justice. Detective Popolizio fearlessly investigates an old drug heist that leads her down a rabbit hole of police corruption, deception, and the greed of man.