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  • End Game
    End Game
    A young man learns the truth about his parents' death and begins a convoluted journey to a dark world, manipulated by an entity that appears to have no existence.
  • Broome Street
    Broome Street
    "Broome Street” is a gritty crime story set on the mean streets of New York. It’s 1982 and crack reigns supreme in Reagan's "War on Drugs." The battle begins when NYPD’s first female internal affairs agent fights for justice. Detective Popolizio fearlessly investigates an old drug heist that leads her down a rabbit hole of police corruption, deception, and the greed of man.
  • OTB Finish Line
    OTB Finish Line
    For nearly 40 years, Off-Track Betting was New York City's only legal gambling operation. From 1971 to 2010, horse racing fans could walk into one of OTB's nearly 100 storefront parlors and legally gamble on horse races taking place all over the US without having to go to an actual racetrack. Off-Track Betting parlors were as infamous as they were ever-present. Each borough had the iconic green...
  • First Date
    First Date
    It is love at first digital sight when retired urbanite Rober Holton meets Lee online, that is, until Lee stands Rob up on their first in-person date. With everything in question, Rob must then decide if he will let it go or confront Lee and fight for the relationship he has longed for.
  • The Bride in the Box
    The Bride in the Box
    Everybody loves a ghost story. Until it happens to them. ‘The Bride in the Box’ follows Iris, the imaginative daughter of Don and Heather, on a vacation in Maine. When Heather’s job delays her, Don and Iris move into their rental house alone, finding a mysterious trunk. Iris begins to see evidence of a terrifying ghost story all around her. But is it all in her head? Or in the box?
  • Green Kola
    Green Kola
    In New York City, France's top photographer, Antoine Verglas, is hired to shoot the campaign of the year, with America's Sweetheart, Nina Finch. Green Kola is a satire mockumentary, based on the inner workings of the opportunistic players that revolve around a Hollywood Starlet.
    Nick and Sara were comfortably platonic roommates. Then came three months of quarantine... a silly, strange, and sweet mini-webseries about the life-changing potential of spending a bunch of time with somebody you thought you knew.
  • Tempest Tossed
    Tempest Tossed
    Stephano’s Restaurant is staffed by characters out of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This night is no different than any other until they “espy” the gorgeous Miranda through their secret peephole. The chefs then come up with alternate plans to capture her, either by force or drugging her food. Ultimately, Miranda becomes wise to their despicable plan and with her personal magic she not only es...
  • Exposé
    A wine-soaked night leads to a twisted game of "Truth or Dare" that has Jack, Hank and Susan hiding a secret that could destroy their lives. Angie scrambles to uncover the devastating lie at the heart of her life. Can Angie's crazy game sabotage their night? Their marriages? Their lives?
  • Shrinker
    A therapist takes a patient undergoing an existential crisis to an encounter group, only to find himself entangled in the same issues as well.