BLINDADO (Steel Clad)

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BLINDADO (Steel  Clad)
BLINDADO (Steel Clad)
A plot to steal $12 Million from an insurance company goes wrong when the chosen scapegoat outsmarts the plotters and gives them a run for their money. FULL ACTION
Production : complete
Posted By : Carlos Antonio


  • Alexander DaSilva
  • Jose Roberto Diaz
  • Carlos Antonio Leon
  • William Goyte
  • Gabriela Mezone
  • Alexandra Braun
  • Augustin Segnini
  • Socrates Serrano


  • Carlos Daniel Malave
  • Gabriela Rojas
  • Gyula David
  • Yoncarlos Medina
  • Robert McNutt
  • Carlos Antonio Leon


Box office : $84.00

No of Events : 1