Once Upon a Place

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Once Upon a Place
Once Upon a Place
"Once Upon a Place" is the story of “La Nacional,” a nondescript building in New York City that welcomed thousands of immigrants to the United States over its 150-year history.
Production : complete
Posted By : Cèlia Novis


  • Written, Directed & Produced: Cèlia Novis
  • Image edition & Post production: Sergio Camenforte, Fran Carmona
  • Camera Operators: Sergio Camenforte, Cèlia Novis, Maria Rosa Badia, Mihalis Gripiotis
  • Graphic Design & Post production: La Gamba Negra
  • Color Grading: La Casa Kuleshov
  • Visual Effects & 3D Animation: Onirikal Studio
  • Sound Design & Original Soundtrack: Jordi Joan Garcia
  • Original Songs: Maria Arnal & Marcel Bagés ⎜ Samuel Torres ⎜ Tolo Prats
  • Produced and Filmed in New York 2013- 2018 Post production in Barcelona, 2018- 2020


Box office : $336.00

No of Events : 1