LAST DAY (dir. by Szu-Wei Chen)

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LAST DAY (dir. by Szu-Wei Chen)
LAST DAY (dir. by Szu-Wei Chen)
As work continues on the border wall, a Chinese sex worker in New York gets surprising news from her visiting lover.
Production : complete
Posted By : Szu-Wei Chen


  • Eleven Lee
  • Haosong Yang
  • Kean Tan


  • Producer: Szu-Wei Chen, Tarek Aryani
  • Director: Szu-Wei Chen
  • Writer: Szu-Wei Chen, Constance Tsang, Alexander Yarber
  • DOP: Chris Chen
  • Art Director: Jiayun Shi, Szu-Wei Chen, Joyce Xing
  • Editor: Szu-Wei Chen
  • Sound Editing & Mixing: Tzu-Ya Wang, Szu-Wei Chen


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