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Manhattan Film Festival Wrap: A Producer’s Guide to a NYC Premiere



Film Heals Awards (Feature)
Transforming Loss
Colors: Banging in S.C.
A People without a Land

Film Heals Awards (Short)
A Life With Asperger’s
ML4: A Rare and Devastating Disease

Film Preservation Award
Dollar Night

New York Spotlight Award
Empire Gypsy

Best International Picture
Living Legends

Best Short Narrative
Water Dogs

Best Comedic Short
Bingo Night!

Best Musical Feature
Waiting in the Wings

Best Musical Short

Best Feature Documentary
David & Me

Best Alternative Short
Reflecting Adrien

Best Alternative Feature

Best Sci-Fi Feature
Plato’s Reality Machine

Best Family Drama
Lies I Told My Little Sister

Best Comedy Feature Films
Chasing Taste
The Yank
Chu & Blossom

Best Coming of Age Feature
The Backseat

Best Children Short
Lunchbox Loser

Best Dramatic Feature
The Living

Buzz Award
The Hardest Love

Best Original Title Song
“Wisdom” by Siobhan Magnus
The Wisdom To Know The Difference

Best Short Docs
Being George
Spoke: A Short Film about NYC Bikes

Best Historic Feature
Searching for Camelot

Best Biography Short

Best International Thriller
Red Gold

Best Dramatic Thriller
Dutch Kills

Best Romantic Feature
Janie Charasmanic

Best Social Issue Feature Narrative

Best Social Issue Short Narrative
Park 51

Best Family Short
The Devil Goes Down

Best Sports Feature
Off the Floor

Best Crime Drama
West End

Best Personal Narrative

Best Art Short
The Wreck

Best Horror Short
Lucas Cain

Best Thriller Short

Best Feature Film Narrative
The Wisdom To Know The Difference