'Miracles on College St.' Daddy & Daughter Tread on Deathbeds- Event

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'Miracles on College St.' Daddy & Daughter Tread on Deathbeds

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Cinema Village
22 E. 12th St
New York,NY,United States,
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'Miracles on College St.' Daddy & Daughter Tread on Deathbeds
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06/19/2022 03:00 PM
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06/19/2022 05:00 PM

A true story about a man with cancer. His 1 lb. newborn. And their fight for life. In June of 2009 Chris Hennessy was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. On August 3, 2009 he endured radical prostatectomy cancer surgery at Stanford Hospital. Still battling surgery side-effects, including life-threatening DVT blood clots, Chris’ daughter Hannah was born September 1, 2009, in San Jose CA. Hannah's due date was December 7, 2009. She weighed 1 lb. 9 oz. with only a 50% chance of survival. The doctors initially said they got all Chris’ cancer, the pathology report was clear. However, subsequent blood tests revealed the cancer was still there. For months Hannah and Chris simultaneously fought for their lives. Chris, nauseous and ill from daily radiation treatments, was still there at Hannah’s incubator late into every night, long after the other parents had left. Chris and his wife Betsy wondered if they'd ever be able to bring Hannah home. Even if they did, the doctors said the odds were very much against Hannah having a normal, healthy life…. ‘Miracles,’ a promotional film for Hennessy’s upcoming memoir book, ’Touched by Hannah,’ has been featured on NBC TV, KGO-810 San Francisco, and is slated for release late 2023. ‘Miracles’ was a finalist (runner-up) at the 2022 ACM Western Region WAVE Cable TV Awards, and is currently a finalist at the Manhattan Film Festival.
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