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Yvonne Grzenkowicz
Name :  Yvonne Grzenkowicz
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Experience :  eyesnare inc | Animation and Interactive Design for Visual Storytelling | NYC based, award-winning, animator / director with experience in short film, feature film, advertising, music videos, instructional videos, merchant videos, digital publishing, video games, live visuals, and interactive websites. I have extensive training in character animation and a background in fine art.
Courses :  Specialties: 2d/3d animation production, asset creation, interactive design, illustration, story, sound, compositing, storyboards, illustrated sequences, editing, animated shorts, animated series, game assets, cinematics, flash animation, animated feature film, hand drawn animation, creature animation, character design, web series (webisodes), concept sketches, banner ads, puppet animation, animated film, pre-production, animation projects, motion graphics, traditional art, commercial spots, instructional ("explainer") videos, B2B training videos, digital illustration, created graphics, visual storytelling
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Languages :  English
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