The Pigeon

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The Pigeon
The Pigeon
A real-estate broker and the neighborhood homeless man see the best in each other after becoming temporary roommates.
Production : complete
Posted By : Jonathan Champagne


  • Haulston Mann as JAMES
  • Dean Kyburz as CHARLES
  • Maggie Gough as STEPH
  • Benjamin DeLamerens as THE DRUNK
  • Zachary LeVey as BROCK
  • John Borras as PASTOR MCCONNELL
  • Tommy Bayiokos as OFFICER STONE
  • Vincent Veloso as OFFICER VELAZQUEZ


  • Director: Owen Pataki
  • Writer/Producer: Jonathan Champagne
  • Director of Photography: Istvan Lettang
  • Editor: Paul Dybas
  • Sound Mixer: Alex Quitugua
  • Music: Maisy Kay and Jonathan Champagne


Box office : $126.00

No of Events : 1