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  • Chloe and the Five Elements
    Chloe and the Five Elements
    Posted by : Gordon LePage
    A girl falls into the Five Elements while walking in the wood.
  • Beat the Shift
    Beat the Shift
    Posted by : Drew Erin Adams
    A landfill worker yearns to reconnect with his estranged son while side-stepping mandated orders from his troubled parole officer. Meanwhile, vagabond teenagers search for a new life while scamming men on dating apps.
  • Before the Close of Day
    Before the Close of Day
    Posted by : Peter Lucas
    The experimental documentary Before the Close of Day is a poetic meditation on Dante’s Purgatorio. Set on the Staten Island Ferry during winter storms, passengers cross the New York Harbor while Cantos from Purgatorio are read evoking a spiritual passage between places. As the boats pass Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, questions about our obligations for welcoming others are suggested. B...
  • Borderline Coffee
    Borderline Coffee
    Posted by : Susanna
    "Coffee?" Asks the mysterious blue post-it. "To Bed" replies the red. A young woman's thoughts battle it out as she ventures through her anxiety to accomplish what would seem to be a simple task: a cup of coffee.
  • Parklife
    Posted by : Lillian Xuege Li
    Parklife chronicles life in Manhattan's Columbus Park, where groups of Chinese seniors congregate on a daily basis. As seasons change and an unexpected crisis unfolds, the park's seemingly outlandish cultural spectacles and nostalgic performances wane. 
  • The Charmed Life of Fig Dauphine
    The Charmed Life of Fig Dauphine
    Posted by : Gretchen Zufall
    A spirited young girl fortune teller in New Orleans leads her teenage sidekick through escapades involving unruly gangsters and a drag queen known as The Countess, while trying to solve the mystery of her unwitting birth father.
  • Greetings From Sarajevo
    Greetings From Sarajevo
    Posted by : Melissa Skirboll
    Hana, an assassin, arrives in New York ready to exact justice on a war criminal whom Sofia, a survivor of the Bosnian genocide, had discovered hiding in plain sight in the city. When Hana reaches her target she discovers Stanislav, the monster she was raised to hate is now just a sick, old, blind man. Whether Hana carries out the mission or frees herself from the cycle of retribution is the the he...
  • Down the House
    Down the House
    Posted by : Tricia Murajda
    Down the House transports the viewer to the town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, once the epicenter of the U.S. Steel Industry. Abandoned and deteriorating, with "90% of the our town in a landfill somewhere", residents use urban farming, artistry and mutual aid to reimagine their town in the shell of the old.
    Posted by : Kyle Mara
    A hypochondriac mother puts the stresses of two pandemics on her son the morning of Thanksgiving 2020.
  • Detour
    Posted by : Bobby Webster
    Joseph and Anna are both outsiders - immigrants, isolated in a city of millions, trapped for very different reasons. When their paths cross on a rainy New York night, they might just have a chance to remake their lives.