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  • Roe v. Wade
    Roe v. Wade
    Posted by : Nick Loeb
    Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Dr. Mildred Jefferson square off in a national battle in this untold conspiracy that led to the most famous and controversial court case in history.
  • Supertstar
    Posted by : Jordan Hidalgo
    A day in the life of Martin, a homeless man attempting to keep his individuality despite being dehumanized by everyday society.
  • Echoes
    Posted by : Tommy Llorens
    Echoes is a love film, of a sincere love, of a silent love, of a lost love, of a nascent love, of a love without fear, of a love without a net. Those six loves coincide in a time and a place: 22/02/2022 in the island of La Palma. An endless afternoon.
  • A Ride To Heaven
    A Ride To Heaven
    Posted by : Sonia Bajaj
    The story of a man who has given up on life. Will he find hope?
  • Fractal
    Posted by : Luis Marciliano
    Juvi is dealing with the burden of guilt put upon him by his boyfriend, when an otherworldly force gives him the opportunity to begin a journey of forgiveness.
  • "A" For Alpha
    "A" For Alpha
    Posted by : Reggie Lochard
    Harrison is a man stuck between two worlds: the one he was raised to know and the reality that he is actually living. Harrison and Vanessa appear to have the perfect relationship, but Harrison is struggling with insecurities regarding his role as a man in his relationship. These insecurities lead him to wonder what does it mean to be an Alpha? At one time men were instinctively thought to be the l...
  • Black Girls Cheer
    Black Girls Cheer
    Posted by : Morgan Carnevale
    What happens when a previously homogeneous community gains diverse participants who continually push the boundaries of the original mold? How do underrepresented athletes celebrate the very challenges that keep them from fitting in? Nothing comes easy in the world of All-Star cheer. Competitors must exhibit stellar focus, work ethic, and teamwork in order to advance to elite competitions. Skills...
  • BLINDADO (Steel  Clad)
    BLINDADO (Steel Clad)
    Posted by : Carlos Antonio
    A plot to steal $12 Million from an insurance company goes wrong when the chosen scapegoat outsmarts the plotters and gives them a run for their money. FULL ACTION
  • Ex-Sisters-in-Law
    Posted by : Allison Youngberg
    Ex-Sisters-in-Law hilariously confronts the meaning of family, friendship and economic disparity - this pathos-filled story follows the reunion of the sheltered Millicent, who wants nothing more than to have her sister-in-law back and Deniz, the pragmatic woman who divorced Millicent's brother twenty years ago!
  • ALA KACHUU - Take and Run
    ALA KACHUU - Take and Run
    Posted by : Nadine Lüchinger
    Sezim (19) wants to fulfil her dream of studying in the Kyrgyz capital when she gets kidnapped by a group of young men and taken to the hinterland. There she’s forced to marry a stranger. If she refuses the marriage, she is threatened with social stigmatization and exclusion. Torn between her desire for freedom and the constraints of Kyrgyz culture, Sezim desperately seeks for a way out.