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  • Reckoning with The Primal Wound
    Reckoning with The Primal Wound
    Filmmaker and adoptee, Rebecca Autumn Sansom, alongside her first mother, Jill Hawkins, Ph.D., have produced the first feature length documentary about author Nancy Verrier’s landmark book, The Primal Wound. It’s also the first film to star Verrier herself. The Primal Wound is in its 15th printing and has been selling briskly around the world since 1993. The film not only deals with relinquish...
  • The Bridge
    The Bridge
    The Bridge is about two strangers who meet on a bridge in an unprecedented situation. The events go completely different from their expectations.
  • Control
    A young father, Byron, sitting in a therapy session opens up about his son starting kindergarten. As Byron projects his feelings to Dr. Givens about his son’s first day, he’s reminded of his own battles with the educational system. However, there’s something deeper lurking within him. As Dr. Givens tries to bring that out, Byron sinks deeper into his darkness and is forced to look beneat...
  • Implanted
    Sarah, a struggling young woman, becomes a test subject for an experimental medical AI implant. When the implant turns sinister and takes control of her body, Sarah fights to survive with only one choice: to live or die.
  • No Way Out
    No Way Out
    Jack, a young man suffering from sleep deprivation is studying for an exam. After receiving some bad news and falling asleep, Jack finds himself greeted by disturbing figures in a reality separate from his own.
  • Esme, My Love
    Esme, My Love
    When Hannah notices the symptoms of a terminal and painful illness in her aloof daughter, Esme, she decides to take her on a trip to their abandoned family farm in a desperate attempt to connect before they have to say goodbye. Inspired by true events and starring Stacey Weckstein and a 9-year-old Audrey Grace Marshall, Esme, My Love is a suspenseful meditation on love, loss, family and magic.
  • Walking Around
    Walking Around
    In NE Florida’s rural countryside, a young man circles, endlessly, around a ramshackle trailer. Walking mechanically, always following the same path, he mumbles to himself, bound in an inner prison. Intrigued by his behavior, a mysterious interloper observes him. Generously, with small gestures, she will try to help him find purpose - or peace. Will she find the key to unlock his mind?
  • Potluck
    Potluck is an endearing film about a woman trying to find her place in the world and the essential human need for connection. Carolyn thought she was awesome; I mean what’s not to love?! Her 11th birthday party was going to be amazing! Inspired by her favorite sitcom, she made all the decorations herself. She was sure everyone will love it as much as she does. Except they didn’t. No one...
  • YuanYuan
    "A young girl named Yuanyuan once lived in a happy family with loving parents. But when her mother found out that she is pregnant, her unborn brother brought upon a tense atmosphere into the family. At the same time, Yuanyuan found out about her father’s “affair” and in order to protect her home, Yuanyuan launches her “master plan”
  • The Critic
    The Critic
    'The Critic' is a romantic thriller that tells the story of Meghan Dupane (Julia Collier), a reserved and cosmopolitan hotel critic who travels the globe reviewing luxury hotels incognito. That is until her next assignment changes everything. After checking into The Biltmore Hotel for what appears to be another routine review, her stay quickly spirals into an adventure of a lifetime when she meets...