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  • MidLife
    Follow Brad, a middle aged advertising executive, as his world is suddenly turned upside down. Thrust from his life of 'success', he has no choice but to face his many shortcomings as he tries to deal with the relationships in his life. Once a man in control, meeting new friends and facing old demons are now a constant part of life for Brad.
  • Adam & the Water
    Adam & the Water
    Adam is stuck in a mundane, 9-5 life in New York. Nearing the brink of personal collapse, he meets Eva. As she enters Adams’s life, a new world opens. Will Adam succumb to the crippling reality he has created, or rise to a free and infinite one? This debut from filmmaker Matthew Appleby is an intimate exploration of mental health, technology, relationships and the many realities we exist in.
  • Basement
    As the air raid sirens go off, Jake and his daughter retreat to the make-shift bomb shelter in their Brooklyn basement, and are soon joined by several neighbors. Tensions run high as the diverse group tries to remain calm while bombs go off outside their shelter. When the building above collapses, they are trapped, and must work together to survive the night and each other.
  • Call for Me
    Call for Me
    Based on Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem, “Crossing the Bar” and inspired by Roger Corman’s Edgar Allen Poe films. “Call for Me” tells the story of a young woman trying to join a secret Hollywood society called, “The Amaranths,” but can she and her skeptical boyfriend pass the test?
  • Matthew
    It’s a big day for Matthew. He is about to be released from a state psychiatric hospital ten years after he meticulously planned, but never executed, a mass act of violence at his high school. A decade after his arrest, the townspeople vehemently object to his return to the community. But their reservations can’t compare to Matthew’s own as he comes home to his father and finally faces th...
  • Birdie
    A troubled teen takes his childhood babysitter hostage after she uncovers his deadly plan.
  • Reckoning with The Primal Wound
    Reckoning with The Primal Wound
    Filmmaker and adoptee, Rebecca Autumn Sansom, alongside her first mother, Jill Hawkins, Ph.D., have produced the first feature length documentary about author Nancy Verrier’s landmark book, The Primal Wound. It’s also the first film to star Verrier herself. The Primal Wound is in its 15th printing and has been selling briskly around the world since 1993. The film not only deals with relinquish...
  • The Bridge
    The Bridge
    The Bridge is about two strangers who meet on a bridge in an unprecedented situation. The events go completely different from their expectations.
  • Control
    A young father, Byron, sitting in a therapy session opens up about his son starting kindergarten. As Byron projects his feelings to Dr. Givens about his son’s first day, he’s reminded of his own battles with the educational system. However, there’s something deeper lurking within him. As Dr. Givens tries to bring that out, Byron sinks deeper into his darkness and is forced to look beneat...
  • Implanted
    Sarah, a struggling young woman, becomes a test subject for an experimental medical AI implant. When the implant turns sinister and takes control of her body, Sarah fights to survive with only one choice: to live or die.