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  • Through The Trees
    Through The Trees
    Holly is a hiker looking to spend a peaceful and rejuvenating day in the wilderness. She begins finding strange objects and soon realizes that she may not be as alone in the forest as she thought.
  • Love and Addiction
    Love and Addiction
    Love and Addiction, starring Lamar K. Cheston and Tina Lundahl, explores the effects of drug addiction and the impact it has on a relationship. The film focuses on two characters whose lives become intertwined in the drug life. The grip of addiction pulls both characters into its web while learning that they are now pregnant. Will they have a chance at escape and recovery?
  • One in 7
    One in 7
    In the US, one in seven men are victims of domestic violence. Healing Voices-Personal Stories interviewed three residents of a shelter that provides services specifically for men. While the three men's circumstances differ, their stories echo each other and remind us that men, too, can be both victims and survivors of domestic violence.
  • Rootless
    A true story of a foreign girl who left everything behind and moved all the way from Greece, Europe to New York by herself, trying to pursue her dream as an Actress and get a better life. Soon she realizes that life there is not as easy as in the movies, especially being all alone in a foreign place.
  • Removable
    An immigrant struggles with guilt after calling the police on her abusive husband, which results in his deportation.
  • Drinks
    Gabe has never had a date like this before. As he waits for his match to arrive at the bar, a different woman takes the seat across from him. He quickly realizes this mysterious woman is his date’s best friend, here to see if he’s worthy. From there the conversation becomes a game of wits between a well-intentioned bachelor and a protective best friend.
  • MidLife
    Follow Brad, a middle aged advertising executive, as his world is suddenly turned upside down. Thrust from his life of 'success', he has no choice but to face his many shortcomings as he tries to deal with the relationships in his life. Once a man in control, meeting new friends and facing old demons are now a constant part of life for Brad.
  • Adam & the Water
    Adam & the Water
    Adam is stuck in a mundane, 9-5 life in New York. Nearing the brink of personal collapse, he meets Eva. As she enters Adams’s life, a new world opens. Will Adam succumb to the crippling reality he has created, or rise to a free and infinite one? This debut from filmmaker Matthew Appleby is an intimate exploration of mental health, technology, relationships and the many realities we exist in.
  • Basement
    As the air raid sirens go off, Jake and his daughter retreat to the make-shift bomb shelter in their Brooklyn basement, and are soon joined by several neighbors. Tensions run high as the diverse group tries to remain calm while bombs go off outside their shelter. When the building above collapses, they are trapped, and must work together to survive the night and each other.
  • Call for Me
    Call for Me
    Based on Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem, “Crossing the Bar” and inspired by Roger Corman’s Edgar Allen Poe films. “Call for Me” tells the story of a young woman trying to join a secret Hollywood society called, “The Amaranths,” but can she and her skeptical boyfriend pass the test?