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  • The Romano's
    The Romano's
    A psychological thriller starring Joseph D’Onofrio & Renee Wood. A couple going through conflicts from social media that might get deadly.
  • For Unto Us
    For Unto Us
    In the year 4 BC, Israel is under the colonial rule of the Roman Empire. With the unexpected appearance of the Roman soldiers, pandemonium breaks loose in the small town of Bethlehem. The Israelites await the coming of the Messiah, in hopes that he will deliver them from tyranny. Joseph and his pregnant wife Mary arrive in Bethlehem and Mary immediately goes into labor. Joseph desperately sear...
  • Bluff
    Leonid and German are business partners, former friends and members of an elite poker club. Here, using card game, players can solve conflicts much more serious than money they bet. How far they are ready to go in this game, as like as in life confrontation, and who’ll win it - depends on ability to evaluate every own step...
  • Der Platz
    Der Platz
    Stranded in Cold War-era Berlin, a British counterintelligence officer anxiously awaits the day his handlers arrive to collect him. Given no information but a time and a place, he diligently keeps his appointment, watching and waiting for something to happen; even as weeks turn to years . . .
  • There's Something Wrong With Paul
    There's Something Wrong With Paul
    Recently released from prison, Paul is reunited with his siblings over dinner. Some of the family is not ready to forgive just yet, as a dark family secret is revealed.
  • Absolute Power: Nasdaq Exposed
    Absolute Power: Nasdaq Exposed
    After costing investors billions of dollars by listing fraudulent companies from China on their exchange, Nasdaq turns on longtime ally and Chinese born consultant, Benjamin Wey, in an attempted scapegoating turned decade long, racially charged vendetta.
  • Georgia
    When the police refuse to investigate their daughter’s alleged suicide, two computer-illiterate parents decide to design a protest banner. Based on the infamous Miryang case in South Korea which shocked the nation in 2004 and continues to fuel public outrage even today.
  • The Jogger
    The Jogger
    A woman's jog through the park reveals horrors unimagined as her every move is being watched by a mysterious man.
  • Unraveling
    After being publicly accused of sexual assault, Rory Carpenter, an acclaimed actor and director struggles to make his comeback film while asking, Leyla, his kid sister for money.
  • Time - Short
    Time - Short
    Time is inarguably life's most valuable commodity. There are instances where we long for it to pass and others where we yearn for more, but either way, we are perpetually under its reign. Our short film, entitled TIME, investigates the effects of its namesake on a loving couple in denial about the limitations they face in their relationship. In a deeply personal story by Ashley Cole starring Shane...