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  • Georgia
    When the police refuse to investigate their daughter’s alleged suicide, two computer-illiterate parents decide to design a protest banner. Based on the infamous Miryang case in South Korea which shocked the nation in 2004 and continues to fuel public outrage even today.
  • The Jogger
    The Jogger
    A woman's jog through the park reveals horrors unimagined as her every move is being watched by a mysterious man.
  • Unraveling
    After being publicly accused of sexual assault, Rory Carpenter, an acclaimed actor and director struggles to make his comeback film while asking, Leyla, his kid sister for money.
  • Time - Short
    Time - Short
    Time is inarguably life's most valuable commodity. There are instances where we long for it to pass and others where we yearn for more, but either way, we are perpetually under its reign. Our short film, entitled TIME, investigates the effects of its namesake on a loving couple in denial about the limitations they face in their relationship. In a deeply personal story by Ashley Cole starring Shane...
  • The Perfect Daughter
    The Perfect Daughter
    A film student's worst nightmare becomes reality after a location scout goes terribly wrong. The friendly Airbnb host quickly turns on her would-be client and reveals the real reason why she accepted her offer.
  • Full Out: Inside Ohio Show Choir
    Full Out: Inside Ohio Show Choir
    Four unique high school show choirs in Ohio prepare themselves to win during their highly-anticipated, grueling and glamorous competition season.
    A spark ignites between Will Reyes and Michele Wyatt after a chance encounter, but due to poor timing and the intrusion of reality they strike out twice. If fate gives them another chance at the plate...will they hit or miss?
  • The Country Club
    The Country Club
    College applications are approaching. Worried about their father being laid off, two resourceful teenage girls hatch a plan to win a junior golf tournament prize at a prestigious Hamptons country club. But once they encounter the quirky, wealthy patrons at the club, they are thrust on an adventure of mistaken identity, love, and finding friendship in the most unlikely of people.
  • Through The Trees
    Through The Trees
    Holly is a hiker looking to spend a peaceful and rejuvenating day in the wilderness. She begins finding strange objects and soon realizes that she may not be as alone in the forest as she thought.
  • Love and Addiction
    Love and Addiction
    Love and Addiction, starring Lamar K. Cheston and Tina Lundahl, explores the effects of drug addiction and the impact it has on a relationship. The film focuses on two characters whose lives become intertwined in the drug life. The grip of addiction pulls both characters into its web while learning that they are now pregnant. Will they have a chance at escape and recovery?