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Filmmaker Advisory

Since our inception MFF has continuously worked to develop new and creatives programs to help filmmakers pursue a career in filmmaking. Over the years we have noticed a void that needs to be filled. More than ever before, filmmaking is both an art and a business. No matter how good a film is, without a plan in place, it is going to be difficult to fill theater seats, sell digital downloads, and even stream ad supported content with significant viewership. After some discussion and brainstorming we came up with the idea of organizing customized mentoring sessions for filmmakers. These sessions will be scheduled during the duration of the festival. Mentors will include respected members of the business and legal communities. Subject material includes but is not limited to:

• Create customized business plans.
• Providing one-on-one legal counseling.
• Discuss individualized marketing and advertising planning.
• Strategize with distributors for both theatrical and digital releases.
• Optimize a social media and web presence.


Advisory Program



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