Manhattan Film Festival


Grand Prizes

The grand prize for both best short and feature films will be a Los Angeles screening in a commercial theater. The two films will screen together with the short screening ahead of the feature.

Film Heals

Every year Manhattan Film Festival honors three filmmakers with a Film Heals Award. This awards is given to filmmakers that use the power of film to promote peace, justice, equality, and humanity. Film has the unique ability to raise awareness and bring change. All submitting filmmakers will be eligible for this award.

Buzz Award

Since 2007 we have issued a Buzz Award to the film that creates the most buzz. This is always an interesting award because it is usually very unpredictable.

Audience Choice

Way back in 2007 our tagline was “The viewers have spoken.” In 2018 we will work to promote viewers to participate in viewer choice voting and will actively encourage viewers to rate the films online to help provide support and visibility. We will even have onsite rating stations!

International Awards

Every year we issue a host of awards for international films. This includes awards such as Best International Feature, Best International Short, Best International Short Comedy, Best International Feature Drama, Etc.

Student Awards

While students are eligible for every award category, we have student filmmaker awards dedicated exclusively for students. Examples would include Best Student Short, Best Student Feature, Best Student Feature Documentary, ETC.

New York Spotlight

As a festival hosted in the heart of New York City we award a film that highlights New York. This can be anything from a documentary telling a story about the history of New York to a Narrative telling a great New York story.

Best of Fest

Along with the awards described above, we issue the standard film festival awards such as Best Feature Drama, Best Short Documentary, Best Feature Comedy, Etc.